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Apr 3, 2013
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My First Time Buying Condoms (and other embarrassing stories) can be purchased by YOU at MoCCA this weekend!!!

24 pages of embarrassing first-time comic stories by awesome artists like:

Anthony Cudahy, Chris Carfolite, Logan Fitzpatrick, Melissa Ling, Rebecca Mock, Kris Mukai, Maritsa Patrinos, and Hazel Santino.

It has this 2-color wraparound cover (yellow, orange, or brown stock) complete with a totally awesome TYPOOO which was completely intentional and not an accident at all. Awesome, right??? The inside is risograph-printed in burgundy. Come to MoCCA, table B39, and buy sooommmmeee!!

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    This thing is hilarious. My aunt showed me hers
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    I don’t know if many of these are left after MoCCA, but you should get one! You can see a little preview of my comic...
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    I’m in this! Pick it uppp this weekend.